Fragrance & Cosmetics Coffret: Sephora Do Not Drink for Her & for Him

Brand: Sephora
Supplier: MPO

This limited-edition coffret slides open laterally. Brackets on the back of the coffret ensure that the sliding sides remain attached and that the box can be easily closed. The opening system is designed to optimize the unboxing experience, and can be used as a high-value merchandising element in-store.

The colorful, starry design is printed in Pantone and features a UV matte varnish, as well as Kurz’s Luxor hot stamping (gold for the women’s and silver for the men’s).

What’s green: The pack is 100% cardboard – base and insert are a mixed FSC-certified cardboard that comes from MPO’s waste recycling. Once the insert is removed, the box is designed for reuse.

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