Premium coffret: Malle Martell Chanteloup XXO

Brand: Martell
Supplier: Media6 Ateliers Normand

The coffret is made of 30mm poplar plywood panels with an exterior ash veneer and interior oak veneer with wax oil finish. The outside features laser-cut, mirror-polished brass, copper and stainless-steel square inlay without welding. The Martell logo is inlaid, with the martinet symbol in engraved mirror-polished brass. On the inside, the brand logo is laser-engraved. A set of podiums with leather-covered panels and machined Corian top display the bottles, while two solid oak pipette holders sport a black, polished brass stem. Invisible hinges with double axis enable the panels to be aligned when the coffret is opened. The secret drawer opening has a leaf spring system. Just 17 coffrets were produced.

What’s green: The coffret is made in France.

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