Fragrance & Cosmetics Coffret: Doctor Babor Top 10 USA Box

Brand: Babor
Supplier: AR Packaging

When the sleeve is removed, this coffret opens like a book. The 100% cartonboard design features holographic effects, contrasting crisp white tones and color-coding. An ultra-thin layer of vaporized aluminum was applied to achieve the almost mirror-like surface, with a thin PET protective film. Some 20 different cardboard pieces comprise the packaging, while nine cutting tools, 31 blind embossing tools and 31 hot foil stamping tools were used. All components of the outer box are assembled manually and the smaller boxes manually placed in the inlays.

What’s green: The recyclable coffret is made from 100% cartonboard, including the inserts. The virgin fibers come from responsibly managed European forests. 

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