Cosmetics: Forbidden City Hersee Golden Lion Palette

Brand: Hersee
Supplier: Axilone

The compact’s top, base, inner top, inner cup and mirror are made of aluminum. The inner base and inner top are made of 5-8 mm thick-walled cold-extruded and forged aluminum blocks, while the lid is laser-engraved. The compact’s soft and rounded form and smooth walls called for complex forming, stamping and polishing operations. As the decoration process could not be done by traditional oxidation fixation, a new method was applied on the curved surface to ensure stable production.

What’s green: The compact is 98% aluminum. The top lid can be adapted to new editions without having to make new molds, limiting the use of materials and energy expended. While at launch the compact was non-refillable, a refillable version is now available.

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