Finishing & Decoration: La Collection Anémone Perrier-Jouët

Brand: Champagne Perrier-Jouët

Supplier: Orfèvrerie Europ Félix

A lace-like brass adornment gilded in 24 carat-gold that hugs the contours of the bottle. Each of the 35 magnums and 18 jeroboams are numbered.

Technical points: The adornment is made in France using brass with 50% recycled content. Waterjet cutting was used to create the Japanese anemone décor, with great precision required for the large-format bottles. Three finishes were created to match the Champagne – yellow gold for Belle Epoque, white gold for Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs and rose gold for Belle Epoque Rosé. Each piece is adorned with a personalizable anemone-shaped pendant.

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