Make-up: MOB Beauty NewPurpose Collection

Supplier: Golden Arrow

Brand: MOB Beauty

Refillable compacts and lipstick capsules made from molded fiber (bamboo, bagasse and PCR cardboard).

Technical points: Manufacturing the components required precise treatment in the forming, molding, and drying stages, resulting in a flexible surface with structural integrity. Colors are made via a closed-loop, sustainable dying process. The lipstick’s central component is made of Flaxstic, a plant-based bioplastic. The products are coated in Mantrose-Haeuser’s VerdeCoat, a protective spray used in the food industry. Refills come in molded fiber packs, printed with soy inks. The compacts, lipstick capsules and refill packaging are recyclable, and can be composted at home (Lomi Approved Standard compostability).

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