Adam is an age-old French company, specialized in the conception and manufacturing of wooden packaging. It stands out among its national and international rivals thanks to the merging of traditional craftmanship and multifaceted innovation, including social and ethical innovation, organizational transformation, as well as the incorporation of new design techniques.

Moreover, Adam proudly shoulders its status as an independent manufacturer in the traditional wood industry. Adam is committed to the development and transmission of know-how in productive labor.

It is on this basis that the company, since 2012, holds the label “Living Heritage Company” (EPV), a state-awarded label that rewards companies with outstanding handmade and industrial craftmanship. This label encompasses a community of manufacturer keen on keeping and enhancing the performance of their professions and their commodities.

Adam’s goal is to perpetuate rather than to grow, in order to achieve a truly sustainable development.

Adam is an Old Lady. Since 1880, the company evolves with its environment with a clear framework. Adam’s priority is to remain economically savvy, while allowing its workers to fully thrive on the job. Furthermore, the company’s leadership has set environmental protection as its primary concern, and recognizes it to be paramount to any productive activity.

Since 2009, the belief that the company has a role to play in sustainable development has led Adam and its partners to meet a great deal of committed players, scholars, institutional entities, NGOs, corporation from other industries, along with potential partners.

Adam’s collaborators know when to seize opportunities that are compatible with its course of action. These opportunities often result in mutually beneficial outcomes and growth for the actors involved.

A company is rarely alone in the economic landscape. Rather, it belongs to an ecosystem. Adam, due to its productive activity, lies at the confluence between two worlds, the wine and wood industries, that have a shared region but have very little understanding of each other. Adam is an active member of the wood sector in Nouvelle Aquitaine and is an unwavering support to its French suppliers when they encounter challenges. Adam raises awareness about the various constraints linked to woodwork among its customers and encourage them to support the wood industry.

Adam is involved and demonstrates its will to contribute to changing the world, while being loyal to the principles of sobriety and sharing.