They have met the four criteria – translation of the creative idea, the industrial challenge, innovation and quality – to convince the jury, made up of professionals from the world of luxury.

Gallery of 2018 edition

FdLTrophy_LaydownSquare (pour galerie)
FdLTrophy_BoxesSquare (pour galerie)
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018
Prix Formes de luxe 2018

Photographie by forceMAJEURE Studio

Photographie by forceMAJEURE Studio

The 2018 trophies. As elegant as the Formes de Luxe magazine.

October the 2nd, 7:15pm, the Salle aux Etoiles of Sporting de Monaco is ready to welcome the guests of the Prix Formes de Luxe

Before the ceremony starts, the guests view all the products in the running.

Framed by Sabine Durand (Formes de Luxe) and Gérald Ariano, the master of ceremonies, the partners of the Prix in full, with, from left to right, Laurent Hainaut (Force Majeure), Ignacio López-Baillo, (Derprosa), Eva Lundqvist (Stora Enso), Christelle Lavaure (Seram), Florence Dancoisne (Knoll Prestige Packaging), Chris McArdle (Dow), Katia de Martino (Essentia Beauty) and Pierre-Yves Azuelos (Dapy).

Everyone gets a minute to explain their contributions to the 2018 gift-coffret. We start with Laurent Hainaut (Force Majeure).

It’s the turn of Ignacio López-Baillo (Derprosa) to talk about the matte white gloss copper films necessary for this collective creation.

Eva Lundqvist (Stora Enso), for her part, speaks about cardboard.

Christelle Lavaure (Seram) supplied the metalized logo on the coffret and the bottle, bracelet and suede case of the trophies.

Florence Dancoisne (Knoll Prestige Packaging) designed the beautiful gift-coffret.

Chris McArdle (Dow) provided the creative stoppers for the perfume bottle.

Katia de Martino (Essentia Beauty) took care of the industrial coordination of the project.

Pierre-Yves Azuelos (Dapy) took care of manufacturing the trophies.

A gold lamé cape around the collar of the bottle won Cyril Guigon-Rech (Seram) and Jean-Luc Beauvois (Nuxe) the prize for Accessories, watched by Eva Lundqvist (Stora Enso).

Aline Robin (Cosmogen) and Jean-Philippe Leuliette (Nocibé), prize winners for a brush kit with silicone tips. With Eva Lundqvist in the center.

Happy with his brushstrokes, Jean-Philippe Leuliette (Nocibé).

There’s strength in unity for Michel Soutiran (Sparflex/Muselet Valentin) and Jean Quentin (Martineau) for creating this finely stamped muselet.

Karim Boussabah (Selective Line) won an award for this water bottle, with its simple form, and the far more complex manufacturing behind it.

A Russian doll story for Céline Gravereaux (Miles Promocean) and Claire-Alice Rozic (Kusmi Tea).

A French garden brings together Florence Dancoisne (Knoll), Juliette Lavat and Caroline du Pin de Saint André (Darphin).

Surrounded by Sabine Durand, Gérald Ariano (TF1 group), with Christelle Lavaure (Seram) in the center, Arnaud Gaget (Norline) and Cécile Hémar (Agence Principe Actif) co-designed the Royal Wedding coffret by Royal Salute.

And the winner is… Suspense !

With their opening snow-globe, Frédéric Martin (VPI Faiveley Plast Beauty) and Michel Consul (Jean-Paul Gaultier) won the prize for promotional coffret.

Jacques Renevey (Gainerie Moderne) and Aurélie Petit (Veuve Clicquot) alongside Chris McArdle (Dow) for a Grande Dame revisited by the shoe designer Charlotte Olympia.

From an eco-friendly luxury brand, Cha Ling, comes an eco-friendly mask. With Marion Lohio (Cha Ling), Marc Devimes (Elidose) with, in the center, Chris McArdle (Dow) and on the right, Gérald Ariano (TF1 group).

The luxury of simplicity for Guillaume Roche (Chanel Parfums Beauté) and Isabelle Piot (DS Smith), accompanied by Chris McArdle and Gérald Ariano.

An asymmetric interior glass earned Alexandre Frère (L’Oréal), Anne Guillou (L’Oréal) and Alexandra Dupuy (Verescence) the prize for best bottle.

Complex flocking for Riccardo Giavarini (Bormioli Luigi) and Pere Soler (Puig). Florence Dancoisne (Knoll) accompanies them on the stage.

Pere Soler (Puig) speaks, Riccardo Giavarini (Bormioli Luigi) appreciates.

Focusing on decoration turned out positively for Iwona Jadanowska Gromke (Dekorglass).

The winners of the Makeup category with their lipstick mechanism updated for liquid formulas, Séverine Bourguignat (PVL Beauty) and Vincent Fourcault (Givenchy). With Gérald Ariano and Florence Dancoisne.

Winning metal embossing for Laure Malochet (Cosfibel Premium) and Margaux Robin (Puig).

Olivier Lisfranc (Premium and Gifts) and Cathie Coelho (MMPJ) take to their glowing wings with the FDL prize. Ignacio Lopez-Baillo stands in the center.

A great message for Bruno Clamens (Doogood) and Marion Tribault (Dom Perignon).

Come on, let’s relax, with, from left to right, Sabine Durand, Gérald Ariano and Bruno Clamens.

A prize to the glory of the brand’s emblematic anemone flower, in an XXL version, for David Jacquet (Dapy) and Wojciech Bykowski (MMPJ), flanked by Sabine Durand on the left, Ignacio Lopez-Baillo in the center, and Gérald Ariano on the right.

Alexandra Bosquet Gravil (Krug) and Amandine Campos (DDF/Media 6) on stage thanks to their K pattern.

It’s the season for makeup/perfume technology transfers for HCT and Kenzo.

A cap that’s simple in appearance but highly complex to manufacture won the Distribution System prize for Guillaume Roche (Chanel Parfums Beauté) and Audrey Bach-Lecourt (Axilone).

When an eco-friendly cap is a hit, with Morgane Faure (Pierre Fabre). Nicolas Bettendorf (Albea). With Sabine Durand and Katia de Martino (Essentia Beauty) on the left, and Gérald Ariano on the right.

The jury takes the stage. With, from left to right, Franck Basset and Elodie Staels (Carré Basset), Sabine Durand (Formes de Luxe), Stéphane Truchi (IFOP), Gerald Martines (In Signes), Gérald Ariano (host), Katia de Martino (partner), Iwona Jadanowska Gromke (winner), Eric Cabriot (LVMH Fragrance Brands), Hervé Bouix (Estée Lauder), Marion Trossat (Interparfums), Laurent Hainaut (Force Majeure), Sabine Denoix (Formes de Luxe) and Alissa Demorest (Formes de Luxe). Xavier Leboucher (Puig), Jean-Pascal Martin-Festa (Remy Cointreau), Isabelle Roatta (Chanel) and Olivier Pascalie (Atelier Pascalie), tucked away on the second row. Régine Charvet Pello (Certesens) and Marielle Belin (La Marque & la Manière) had to leave Monaco for professional reasons before the soirée.

Flanked by the two masters of ceremonies, Stéphane Truchi (Ifop) announces the overall winner.

Iwona Jadanowska Gromke (Dekorglass) celebrates a second time with the Jury’s Grand Prize.

The end of the ceremony is upon us.

The eco-friendly approach of La Bouche Rouge won Sarah Hashemi (Albea) and Violette Soriano (La Bouche Rouge) the Jury’s Special Prize.

All the partners, the members of the jury and the prize-winners are called on stage for the traditional family photo.

It's a nice evening... And it's said with flowers.

We'll be able to turn to serious matters, the festive cocktail at Jimmy's.

A trio happy with its prize.

Change of atmosphere.

It talks, shares, has fun, enjoys.

The after-party at Jimmy's (1).

The after-party at Jimmy's (2).

The after-party at Jimmy's (3).

Everyone wants to make their voice heard.

A cap whose simplicity of appearance matches the technicality of its production.

A standard glass bottle whose design exalts its contents.

A message that doesn’t go unnoticed on this connected shield.

The jury spreads its wings ...luminous ones.

Metal, a very shapely category.

A liquid rouge in a classic lipstick mechanism, quite the feat.

From left to right, Régine Charvet Pello (Certesens), Hervé Bouix (Estée Lauder), Alissa Demorest (Formes de Luxe), Marion Trossat (Interparfums), Elodie Staels (Carré Basset), Eric Cabriot (LVMH Fragrance Brands), Gerald Martines (In Signes), Sabine Durand (Formes de Luxe), Marielle Belin (La Marque & la Manière), Sabine Denoix (Formes de Luxe), Stéphane Truchi (IFOP), Isabelle Roatta (Chanel), Olivier Pascalie (Atelier Pascalie), Laurent Hainaut (Force Majeure) and Xavier Leboucher (Puig).

When the bottle goes with the setting

An enthusiastic vote.

A 360° covering, with deep ultra-glossy colors.

The winner of the category just been set down on paper.

All the products are scrutinized by the jury.

The importance of good surroundings.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

These original promotional coffrets.

Everyone gets up ...for the decoration category.

Serums as if levitated in silver mirrored cavities.

This technical coffret brings material for discussion.

The members of the jury, including Eric Cabriot (LVMH Fragrance Brands) in the foreground on the left, examine this coffret, highly worked on both the interior and the exterior.

A colorful Russian doll.

The atmosphere of these deliberations is convivial but studious.

Hervé Bouix (Estée Lauder) externalizes his thoughts, as Gérald Martines (In Signs) internalizes his.

Laurent Hainaut (Force Majeure) and Isabelle Roatta (Chanel) gauge the semi-transparent metallization of this cap.

What’s known as a unanimous vote!

Visibly, a bristled brush.

There's a time to laugh...

...and another to be earnest and serious.

Xavier Leboucher (Puig), between Elodie Staels (Basset Square) and Marion Trossat (Interparfums) are reminded of the importance of detail.

The full jury.

Marielle Belin (La Marque & la Manière), talking about the feathered jewel adorning the bottle, with Jean-Pascal Martin-Festa (Remy Cointreau) listening on religiously.

A bottle of brandy is placed under the magnifying glass.

Elodie Staels (Carré Basset), concentrating hard, as is Marielle Belin (La Marque & la Manière) in the background.

Stéphane Truchi and Régine Charvet-Pello, literally in hysterics.

In the centre, Stéphane Truchi (Ifop) and Régine Charvet-Pello (Certesens), are addressing the baudruche neck and zamak seal of this bottle.

The jury's work begins, with, from left to right, Sabine Durand and Sabine Denoix ( Formes de Luxe), Olivier Pascalie (Atelier Pascalie) , Laurent Hainaut (Force Majeure) and Isabelle Roatta (Chanel) .

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