Alissa Demorest
Editor in Chief, Formes de Luxe & Luxe Packaging Insight

a year for renewal

“The year 2020 will most likely be unique in the history of the Formes de Luxe Awards.
In the early days of spring, the luxury industry, like many other sectors, is at a virtual standstill, and the entire supply chain is feeling the shock: stores are shuttered, orders have been cancelled and machines are idling in the factories of raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers and filling professionals.

At this stage, we have little to no visibility that would allow us to envisage a quick recovery and a return to normal times for the industry. But it is precisely at this moment of uncertainty that we should look to the future and imagine what the industry might be after the crisis—one where creativity, inventiveness and innovation are the driving forces behind the revival of a luxury market that is more sustainable and where consumption is increasingly ethical.

The more the industry evolves in this direction, the more the Formes de Luxe Awards, a flagship event in the world of premium packaging, should reflect this evolution. This is why, in this much-changed environment, our 2020 edition must be a platform for creativity, one that highlights the products that will be the mirror of tomorrow’s luxury, and that reminds the industry that it has both the vision and the means to reinvent itself. In light of this, we are eagerly looking forward to discovering the finished products of which you are most proud.

We look forward to seeing you on September 29th for our very first ceremony at the Monte Carlo Opera House. A fresh start there too!