The expert of value-added coffrets

Global leader for more than 30 years in Luxury Packaging. Knoll is creative and sensible in every detail from development through manufacturing with the finest quality. Our teams are experienced with execution of the most complex projects and are dedicated to deliver innovative solutions including leading the industry through the next evolution of connected packaging.


Packaging boards for luxury experience

Stora Enso offers the widest selection of carton board materials for manufacturing of folding cartons to the luxury segment: perfumes, cosmetics, wine & spirits as well as graphical applications. Stora Enso’s products are based on renewable raw materials and are recyclable, making your packaging sustainable. Ensocoat is the group’s flagship brand for luxury packaging, accompanied with the Performa product family.



Luxury packaging & POS Manufacturer

Since 1980, Dapy has been the leading specialist of packaging and POS items in plastic injection for the luxury industry. Our strength is in our capacity to imagine, create and develop high end products which respect the brand identity of our luxurious customers. We make them stand out from the rest and reinforce their prestige. To meet the needs of an ever-changing luxury sector, Dapy extended its expertise to other materials and processes such as: fabrication, thermoforming, paperboard, wood, metal, leather, textiles, and light and sound systems.


European producer, we’ve been supervising and developing your craziest packaging projects for 25 years: prestigious materials, premium designs, exceptional accessories and high-quality finishing for your paper bags, gift boxes and gift-wrapping papers.