Fragrance Bottle: Dries Van Noten Eaux de Parfums

Brand: Dries Van Noten

Supplier: Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie

The glass flacon (11.6% PCR content) combines with 10 different cases on its bottom half, which are made from either plastic, wood, metal or porcelain. Eight of the flacons sport a classic lacquer, while two feature the glassmaker’s Quali Glass Coat 2.0 powder coating.

Technical points: Molding the screw ring – a first for Stoelzle for this bespoke component – was a feat with particular attention paid to ensuring the bottle is watertight. A unique twist-off system was developed, with the threads on the inside so that the closing mechanism is invisible. A special key was devised to unscrew the pump to refill the bottle. The gluing process was adapted to account for dimensional differences between the bottle and case depending on the material.

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