Folding Box: Etui Crayères Dom Ruinart

Brand: Ruinart

Supplier: Pusterla 1880

The monomaterial, faceted folding box is molded to the shape of the bottle and hot-stamped in gold on the facing.

Technical points: Some 16 design iterations were necessary to reproduce the look of chalk block. The case is molded in a single piece: the machining of the mold required the creation of special milling cutters to allow for the nearly 400 facets that constitute the structure of the case. The closure does not require a magnet, plastic insert or any other material. The folding box represents a 62% reduction in carbon footprint compared to the previous Dom Ruinart case, and the paper comes from wood sourced from sustainably managed European forests. This folding box was developed in collaboration with James Cropper Colourform.

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