Communication Tools: Moët & Chandon Ritual Multi Bottle Crown Night

Brand: Moët & Chandon

Supplier: Doogood

The product is a nod to Moët & Chandon’s emblematic crown. The light-up bucket can hold six bottles or six magnums.

Technical points: The multi-material bucket (ABS, aluminum, PET) was produced with injection molding and tabletterie (cut and glue). The base, six branches of the crown and the ball at its summit can be illuminated in up to three different colors. A bottle-holding system with two lock positions enables the bucket to be adapted to 75cl or magnum bottle formats. The bucket has four removable handles and electric autonomy, enabling it to be used as a glorifier or delivered via table service. Components can be separated at end-of-life and the battery removed. Saucers with a drainage system in each of the six bottle cavities absorb condensation to preserve the quality of the lacquer when the product is handled. Diffusion plates masking the LED lights guarantee homogenous light of the branches of the crown. Preformed PET hugs the wave shape of the crown spikes and avoids risk of ungluing.

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