Make-up: Chanel Les Beiges Maxi Poudre Belle Mine Ensoleillée

Brand: Chanel

Supplier: Texen

The thin-walled, hinged compact measuring 10cm x 10cm is made of food-grade rPET.

Technical points: The high-shine compact in bi-injected rPET is finished with a high solid varnish. It is made using Roctool’s heat induction molding technology; mastering the processing and finishing of rPET without compromising on aesthetics and resistance for this large-format compact was a challenge. The compact is made of six components: lid (PET/rPET), base (rPET), push-button (rPET), technical grill (rPET), esthetic grill (PET), mirror (glass). The compact is made in France using domestically sourced rPET.

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