Competition rules 2024


The Formes de Luxe Awards will run from March 4th to June 14th, 2024 and is organised by: 

ETAI (hereafter the Organiser) 
Share capital 57 029 328 euro – RCS Nanterre : 806 420 360  
Registered office : Antony Parc 2 – 10 place du Général de Gaulle –  
La Croix de Berny – BP 20156 – 92 186 Antony Cedex – France 

Formes de Luxe Awards gives awards to the manufacturers of packaging and their associated brands for the innovative packaging of luxury products. 


The Organiser awards up to 18 prizes (subject to a sufficient number of entries in each category) 

  1. Accessories 
  2. Applicators  
  3. Fine Craftsmanship  
  4. Spirits Stoppers & Closures 
  5. Wine & Spirits Bottle 
  6. Premium Coffret  
  7. Fragrance & Cosmetics Coffret 
  8. Champagne, Wine & Spirits Coffret 
  9. Finishing & Decoration 
  10. Dispensing  
  11. Labels  
  12. Folding Box 
  13. Fragrance & Cosmetics Bottle 
  14. Refill & reload (Make-up) 
  15. Refill & reload (Skincare) 
  16. E-commerce Packaging 
  17. Home Fragrance 
  18. Jury’s Favorite: Design 

*maximum production run of 100 pieces 

  1. To enter the Formes de Luxe Awards competition, you must: 

a) Be a French or foreign manufacturer of packaging for luxury finished goods (perfumes, cosmetics, wine and spirits, fine foods, jewellery, etc.) in one of the above categories; 

b) Hold the intellectual property rights and/or the authorization of the owner of those rights needed to submit the product or part of the product (exclusivity and/or prime contractor) marketed since June 2023; 

c) Certify that the products entered are fully compliant with applicable French and/or foreign law (safety, environmental protection, intellectual property rights etc.) and hold the Organiser harmless against all claims in this respect. You must produce proof of compliance with the marketing regulations in force during the above period when requested; 

d) Download the registration form and complete the ENTRY FORM and SUBMISSION/APPLICATION FILE that can be downloaded from  and send them back completed before June 14th 2024 

  1. Pay the € 1.490 ex-VAT entry fee for each product entered. 

The closing date for entries and the sending of items is June 14th, 2024. 

You are strongly advised to complete your documents in French to ensure clarity during jury discussions. 


a) Completed entry form and application file 

email to 

or post to : 


A l’attention de Grégory DORME 

Antony Parc 2 – 10 place du Général de Gaulle – 92160 ANTONY – FRANCE 

b) Enclose 2 digital photos (PNG, 300dpi – visuals on a white background of the product and of the part you have produced) with a presentation text (max 600 characters) and your company logo. 

Email to: by June 14th 2024 at the latest. 

c) By June 14th send 2 samples of the product submitted


A l’attention de Grégory Dorme 

Antony Parc 2 – 10 place du Général de Gaulle – 92160 ANTONY 

For large items (over half a palette in size), please produce a model and contact us. 

All the above are essential to our list of competitors, which will appear in the September 2024 number of Formes de Luxe and to the list of successful competitors that will appear in the special Winners insert in the October number of Formes de Luxe.  

d) Enclose a cheque for entry fees made out to ETAI in the amount of € 1.490 (one thousand forty hundred and ninety euro) ex-tax per product submitted. (VAT will apply to EU companies that do not have an intraCommunity VAT number.) 

Or by bank transfer named « Prix Formes de Luxe » : 


Code Banque : 30004 — Code Agence : 00350 — Compte N° 00027083538 — Clé RIB : 23 

IBAN : FR76 3000 4003 5000 0270 8353 823 — BIC : BNPAFRPPXXX 

Entries are final. Entry fees will not be refunded to competitors who withdraw. 

IMPORTANT: unless specifically requested, samples will not be returned. If you wish to recover them after the ceremony, you MUST state this in your application file in the space provided. Please note that ETAI will not bear the cost of returning samples and that competitors must recover them at their own expense. 

We also recommend providing samples that can be used in the award ceremony if necessary. The Organiser accepts no liability for theft or damage to samples. 


Before sending an application file, competitors must obtain authorisation to reproduce and represent the items in their file (e.g. models, drawings, photos, videos, patents, trademarks, copyrights, in particular from any providers who may have been involved in production etc.) in all media that might in any way cover the Formes de Luxe Awards for promotional or information purposes, and for reproduction by the Organiser in promotional documents in numbers appearing after the competition. The Organiser must not be subject to any obligation whatsoever for such use. Competitors must hold the Organiser harmless against all third party claims in this respect. 


The members of the jury are selected by the Organiser from among well-known names in the luxury packaging industry. They are selected for their professional and technical skill and in the light of the assessment criteria for each category. 

The jury can move any product from the category in which it was originally entered if it believes that its file is better suited to a different category.  

The jury may reorganise the categories on the basis of the number of entries. 

If a jury member (or his company) has entered the competition, he must not express any opinion concerning, or vote for, the winner in that category. 

Jury discussions are secret and its decisions are final and cannot be appealed. 

The jury will discuss all submitted files. The jury will select a winner in each category by secret vote. The jury may select joint winners or decide not to award any prize. The president of the jury has the casting vote in the event of a tie. 

The following criteria will be considered. However, this list is not exhaustive and the weight of each item is not specified:  

  • Innovation 
  • Technical manufacturing challenges 
  • Translation of the brand’s DNA 
  • Quality of the finished product/aesthetic appeal   
  • Sustainability 

Winners will be informed by telephone so that they can attend the ceremony but must not disclose the information to any third party whatsoever. 

The names of the winners must remain secret until the awards ceremony on September 30th, 2024. 


Subject to the terms and conditions set by the Organiser, Prize-winners alone may use the Formes de Luxe Awards 2024 name and logo on official, sales and promotional documents concerning the company and/or the winning item(s). Authorisation for such use is given for one (1) year only from the awards ceremony. 


Prizes will be awarded at a ceremony in Monaco on September 30th, 2024. Competitors will receive 3 invitations to the ceremony per file submitted. 


The personal data collected above by the Organiser will be electronically processed for competition purposes. We need the data to process competition entries and it will be recorded in the Organiser’s file. The Organiser and all companies in the Infopro Digital group may send competitors business proposals to take part in professional events, or for products and/or services relevant to their businesses. 

Competitors have the right to access, correct and object to the use of their data and may exercise these rights by writing to: ETAI, « Prix Formes de Luxe », Antony Parc 2 – 10, place du Général de Gaulle – 92 160 Antony – France, or emailing

The Infopro Digital group’s Personal Data Charter is available at:  


9.1 – Application files that contain errors, are incomplete, have not been sent by the deadline or have not been electronically validated by the competitor will be null and void and will not be entered in the competition. 

9.2 – The Organiser reserves the right, particularly in the event of force majeure, to shorten, extend, suspend, alter or cancel the competition. 

9.3 – Competitors, nominees and winners hereby authorise the Organiser, in advance and without financial consideration, to use their names, logos, images and the surnames and first names of their representatives and the details contained in their winning files for promotional, publicity and information purposes (especially during Organiser events and in print and/or web publications) without obligation whatsoever on the part of the Organiser. They must hold the Organiser harmless against all claims in this respect. 

9.4 – The Organiser accepts no liability for problems with the postal service (late delivery or loss) or for the total or partial destruction of application files caused by other chance events. The Organiser accepts no liability for partial or total internet malfunction over which it has no control if this prevents the electronic validation of applications. 

9.5 – Application files will not be returned. 

9.6 – These regulations are subject to French law. The Organiser alone will decide on all problems concerning the interpretation and/or application of these regulations.  


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