Accessories: Coach Dreams

Brand: Coach 
Supplier: Oriol & Fontanel in partnership with Albéa 

The stitched faux-leather band features an anti-rotation system to enable it to be quickly mounted on the specially designed collar. It is created using a stitch-free ultrasound technique enabling it to be locked onto the collar. Soldering the band gets rid of unwanted thickness in the seam.

What’s innovative: The anti-rotation system negates the use of glue or adhesive, making assembly faster and cheaper. During assembly, the collar separates into two halves, enabling the band to slide on.

What’s green: The choice of faux leather and polyester thread as an animal-friendly alternative to real leather. The band clips onto the collar, avoiding the use of glue.

What the jury said: “A clever, well thought-out solution. If we take into account the savings on the industrial level, it adds points in terms of CSR. In our industry there is a lot of talk on ecological materials, but with existing means, it’s important to be able to rationalize when replacement isn’t possible”.

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