Premium Coffrets: Dom Pérignon x Lenny Kravitz – Magnum

Brand: Dom Pérignon
Gainerie Moderne

For this champagne coffret that doubles as a candleholder, the exterior is sheathed in reconstituted leather with a snakeskin effect, while the inside is lined in velvet. The case features elements of brass treated to obtain a patinated and hammered effect.

What’s innovative: The handcrafted “aged and hammered” effect on the brass components gives each coffret a unique look. 

What’s green: The coffret was conceived for re-use as it doubles as a candleholder. 

What the jury said: “There is a high level of quality here, down to the very smallest details, such as the nail positioned at the bottom of the velvet-lined cavity to hold the candle in place. Apart from the faux leather, the case uses noble materials. When it comes to eco-design, more attention was given to reuse than upstream in the production phase.”

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