Fragrances & Cosmetics Coffret: Berlin De Vous (Candemir, Verboten, Cerul)

Brand: Berlin De Vous 
Supplier: Emil Bühler GmbH & Co/Awantys GmbH

The rigid box consists of a base, shoulder and foldable insert construction (hinged flaps with flexible foil) and a lid with foam insert. The box is wrapped in offset-printed paper (three colors) coated with a matte varnish and hot-foil printed. A flexible transparent foil with a permanent stretch was sourced, while the film had to be glued precisely in position on both sides of the flaps. 

What’s innovative: Folding down the flaps stretches the foil over the product to hold it tightly in place in the cavity without compromising the fragrance’s imposing cap—a gemstone from Madagascar that has size tolerances of cm rather than mm.

What’s green: N/A 

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