Communication tools: Ballantine’s glorifier

Brand: Ballantine’s
Supplier: Dapy 

This bespoke glorifier is injected in 100% bamboo and mass tinted in Ballantine’s blue

What’s innovative: Billed as the first environmental friendly glorifier, the bamboo construction lights up thanks to LED lighting. The glorifier is powered using a rechargeable battery but can also be connected to a power outlet.

What’s sustainable: The glorifier is designed to allow the electronics to be separated from the bamboo injected parts.  

What the jury said: “Products in the nightlife category typically do not have an eco-design approach. We first questioned the 100% bamboo claim as wood can’t be injected without the addition of a resin. We were pleased to learn that the resin used is in fact a bio-based starch. The elements making up the pack can be separated as well.”

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