Covering Decoration: Moët & Chandon Rosé

Brand: Moët & Chandon
Supplier: Sleever International

Three of the supplier’s technologies are incorporated into this sleeve: Mattblack provides the deep matte black background, the pink metallized effect is the fruit of its Metalfest technology and the 3D pattern is the result of its Skinsense technique.  

What’s innovative: The application and calibration of three different types of decoration; the “brush-like” effect separating the matte black and metallized effects.

What’s green: The sleeve can be separated from the bottle to facilitate glass recycling as it is applied without the use of glue. 

What the jury said:  “The combination of the three effects/texture on a single thin sleeve is extremely well executed and the film is beautifully printed. The various different shapes are perfectly placed, not an easy feat when working with a sleeve”.

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