Dispensing: L’Eau d’Issey ISTAY, IGO

Brand: Issey Miyake
Supplier: Aptar Beauty + Home

Two concepts for two types of fragrance application: at home and on-the-go. The ISTAY dispensing system is a classic bottle equipped with a pump, but onto which a 20ml spray format is integrated into the cap. Dubbed IGO, it can be removed for on-the-go use. Light and unbreakable, IGO is made of injected plastic designed to mimic the brand’s iconic brushed aluminum. Both dispensing systems are made in Europe.

What’s innovative: An on-the-go format that is fitted into an existing fragrance cap.

What’s green: The dispensing systems are POM-free. 

What the jury said: “An interesting idea as the cap is quite voluminous on its own, so it’s a clever way to give it a second use. The technical challenge of housing a travel format in the cap and obtaining a quality spray is obvious. In terms of eco-design, the consumer is buying one product instead of two (bottle + travel spray), but it’s too bad they didn’t go the extra mile and make the cap refillable. Hopefully that will be part of the product’s second generation.

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