Folding boxes: Ruinart Seconde Peau

Brand: Ruinart
Supplier: Pusterla 1880 in partnership with James Cropper Colourform

A mono-material folding box in pure molded cellulose pulp, from the case to the “push button” closure. The decorative elements are an integral part of the case: the brand’s signature R is molded in the material, while the surface was worked to create a texture that recalls its chalk cellars.

What’s innovative: Mono-material molded pulp; a material enriched with a natural metal oxide making it opaque enough to protect the wine from light; waterjet 3D cutting technology.

What’s green: The cellulose pulp is sourced in sustainably managed European forests, the case is nine times lighter than previous generations and calls for significantly less material given its design that hugs the contours of the bottle. 

What the jury said: “There are a lot of winning points here: the material, the space gain in transport, the waterjet cutting, the closure… This kind of pack shakes things up and encourages luxury brands to explore more ‘brut’ materials and make them palatable to the end consumer. It’s also a risk: is the market ready?”

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